Bijan Mustardson

Bijan Mustardson

Bijan Mustardson

We turn
athletes into
Bottle of mustard

Making a Brand From Scratch


When rule changes finally allowed college athletes to benefit financially from Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) deals, we set out to break the mold. Bijan Robinson, Univ. of Texas star running back at the time, became a business partner of ours, taking a co-ownership position in a brand we built together from scratch.

We called it Bijan Mustardson and promised that “it’s like a touchdown in your mouth." We manage the entire process of operations, brand and product design, retailer relationships, merch, digital presence and community management. It's currently for sale online and in large grocery chains throughout Texas.

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Birthing a Brand Mascot People LOVE


Stunts people actually remember

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On week two of the 2022 season, Texas was the underdog against the heavily favored University of Alabama. We took this sad fact and made it a great opportunity. We hired a legit hot dog vendor to show up outside the stadium with hotdogs that had our mustard applied not on top, as usual, but underneath the dogs instead.

Underdogs were born! Because, "If you can't beat em', eat em'!" They were free for Texas fans, and $78 for Bama fans. Incredibly, we sold 2.

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2.5 billion
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