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Solar power is incredible, the process of getting it for your home often feels uncomfortable and confusing. From door-knocking salesmen, to a lack of context for the choices you're making, it’s a process that leaves consumers feeling powerless.

Freedom Solar Power is dedicated to making homeowners more powerful. Powerful throughout their decision-making, and powerful with the way they use the limitless energy from the sun.

When an entire category is saying the same thing,


We hijack Earth Day on behalf of the sun

On Earth Day, we put on an egregious display of solar power - engineering a 7-foot robot vacuum cleaner to clean up our planet's street garbage - ultimately giving you the power to enjoy Earth Day in any way you chose, instead of cleaning up gross old garbage.


And call out big energy publicly

We bought highly targeted media on and around the days when our markets were experiencing a historic freeze, and cherry picked placements in weather and local news to make the point that being let down by your energy provider happens far more often than it ever should. Down with big energy!