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Liquid Death

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Liquid Death’s metalhead sensibilities made the brand an instant stand out, but as the brand grew it needed to stand for something more than shock value to earn trust from mass retailers.

Making cute,

mutilated stuffed toys

to help ocean animals

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Liquid Death's metalhead sensibilities clashed with traditional CSR-style work when it came to building credibility around their earth-friendly packaging. So rather than making them an ad, we created Cutie Polluties, stuffed toys designed to raise awareness of the reality that if we don't change our behaviors, plastic trash in the ocean will outweigh sea life, pound for pound, by 2050.

We launched the week before Christmas and marketed it as "the hottest new toy" on the market. At $75 a pop you would think we wouldn't sell many, but we sold hundreds.


And helping make eating vegan fun

For Halloween, we wanted to play with a truly terrifying topic, but with a modern, Earth-minded twist. So we opened a scarily successful pop-up restaurant in the form of a Vegan Cannibal Steakhouse, so if you were craving a delicious human rib, you could order a vegan version off of Postmates. We crafted recipes and shot (and directed!) a classic-restaurant promotion. Bon appétit?

Don’t be scared, it’s just water
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