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Breaking the internet

A completely new way of interacting with a spokesperson. In The Response Campaign, we replied to people's comments all over the internet with custom, personalized video replies directly from the man himself in real-time. It’s been called “the greatest social campaign of all time” and we love whichever press outlet said that.

Letting everyone play with some muscles

We received a banner brief targeted at middle school-aged boys. We knew middle school-aged boys don't give a crap about banners, so instead we created Muscle Music. An interactive music video starring Terry Crews, where people could make unique compositions using Terry's giant muscles via their keyboards.


"what?!? That's insane!"

video games

We did Twitch's first-ever marketing campaign: not using lame banner ads, but giving fans a chance to play alongside us over a 24-hour live interactive video game called “Nature Adventure” where the Internet determined the action from start to finish.

Dikembe Mutumbo’s 4 ½ Weeks to Save the World” we made a new video game every seven days from scratch based on that week's cultural headlines. The internet played and won, averting Armageddon for several hundred more years. Probably.

We'd made enough games starring Old Spice spokesmen, so this time we let the hero be someone more personal: YOU. Introducing Youland, the first ever one-to-one video game personalized for each user. Using Facebook Connect, we made custom characters of each user and their friends. Even the enemy was pulled from your least interacted Facebook connection. Creepy. Fun. Success!

Being a great friend on social

Young men often make questionable decisions that lead to life embarrassment. So we launched an “Internetervention” sending the Old Spice Guy to the rescue to catch them in the act so they could see the error of their internet searching ways.


Sadly, kids were stealing each other’s Old Spice products. When one victim complained on social, we created a small run of bear-shaped deodorant protectors to keep his Old Spice safe.

And trusting robots way before it was cool

Before there was ChatGPT, there was our robot interviewer - who conducted live interviews with NFL athletes for an original content series called “4th and Touchdown” where he interviewed NFL legends like Drew Brees, Jamaal Charles, and more.

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